David’s Class Schedule

for details about space in the Week of Mysore please contact David Space limited to 5 students!

contact david or see david’s full schedule on yoganatomy.com for workshops in as well as outside of Miami

David’s Bio

David Keil is an Ashtanga practitioner who has traveled the world teaching his YogAnatomy Workshop to teachers and students. He is a direct student of Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, the “guru” of Ashtanga yoga and his grandson R. Sharath in Mysore, India. David is authorized by the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute to teach this method of practice. He is also a student and co-teaches anatomy for and with John Scott in the UK and now in New Zealand.

David was introduced to yoga in 1989 and began study in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in 2000. He brings his understanding of the human body, the Ashtanga practice and his teaching skills to his classes. He is well known for his adjustments and skills of observation that allow him to share techniques appropriate for you as an individual that will take you and your practice to the next level.

Question in the video below:

What is Mysore style practice?
What are the differences between Mysore style (self-practice) and the led class method?
Are Mysore classes appropriate for beginners?
What would you say to those that are intimidated by the idea of taking a Mysore class?

Question in the video below:

Why do you think the Mysore or self-practice method shows up only in Ashtanga?
Why should you stop at a pose when you’re unable to do it and wait for the next pose to be given to you by your teacher?
What was your experience in your first Mysore class like?

Question in the video below:

When did you meet your teacher and what was Mysore practice like with him?
When was your first trip to Mysore, India and what was that like?
Why teach in the Mysore style method?
What advice would you give to those who are interested in teaching in the Mysore style?